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Party Bus Costs In Atlanta [Updated 2019]

A person may wonder why they should pay for a party bus, yet a party is taking place at a predetermined location. You might be arguing that you and your friends can drive to the party location and back home. Well, people do that a lot of time, but they don’t get to enjoy as much as the ones who prefer paying the services of a professional party bus in Atlanta. If you are looking for the ultimate fun, a party bus is the best solution.

What Do You Consider When Hiring A Party Bus?

Among many other things, you should pay attention to the party bus costs in Atlanta. In any case, it is wise to prepare ahead of time by knowing how deep into your pockets, you will be digging to access a party bus.

Several factors dictate the party bus costs in Atlanta. The size and the level of luxury of a party bus affect the ultimate price. On average, a 10-passenger bus will set you back $100 per hour. You may have to pay an additional $25 and $50 for a 14-passenger and 20-passenger respectively vehicle per hour.

The time of the year (season or holidays) also dictates the price of a party bus in Atlanta. The service would be much more expensive on the eve of Christmas than a typical Thursday morning in November. It is difficult to ascertain how much a bus party company would ask its clients to pay during holidays because the costs keep changing every year. The time and day of the week is also a significant determinant of the cost of a party bus. The evenings are generally prime times and as such, more expensive than any other time of the day. Prices during the weekend tend to be high.

A party bus costs in Atlanta is also dependent on the distance you are traveling. Long distances attract higher charges than short ones. The more time the party bus remains with you, the more prices it attracts. The majority of companies have defined the minimum number of hours you can rent their party bus with the majority starting from four hours. You will be required to pay a higher amount than the standard rates if you want luxury features and other special requests. The money you pay takes care of a lot of things, including the fuel and the driver’s time.

Why should I consider using a party bus in the first place? Here are the benefits you stand to reap;

i. You avoid the possibility of being slapped with a DUI charge. The last thing you want is to have you or one of your friends driving under the influence. Driving under the influence can mess things up in ways you’ve never imagined. To keep this problem as far as possible, delegate the driving role to a professional company. It will give you all the peace of mind you need to enjoy your party.

ii. A party bus is the most appropriate mode of transport when attending a party. It provides a warm up before you get to the actual thing. It puts you and your friends/guests in the right mood for a party. Understand that a typical bus party has great music, disco lights, comfortable seating, as well as drinks.

iii. You and your guests arrive on time at the location, and this goes a long way in enhancing the quality of the event. A party bus is especially useful if the destination is hard to locate – mostly in rural areas. In such instances, a party bus is a sure way of impressing your guests.

These are some of the factors that determine the quote you will receive from your party bus company and the benefits you gain from the services. Remember to provide all the details at the time of inquiries, and ask as many questions as possible about the package. Do not forget to ask how they determine the cost of repairs, in case your guests cause damages. Some companies charge a flat rate, while others use different ways of coming up with the price.